RCS - She


Who you calling bimbo?


In 2009 we did something crazy. Launch, network design and promotion of a channel that the Editorial group RCS was about to launch on Sky. The intent was to make it a kind of TV equivalent of the RCS magazine, where famous female journalists would turn into video those subjects loved by the female audience.
Positioning was high. The image that RCS wanted to give was elegant, refined, posh.
But we casted, dressed up with jewels and photographed some beautiful, pretentious, fickle, fascinating and irreverent bimbos, and we made them the testimonials of the campaign.
This video was aired on a loop for about a month before the channel was opened. The bimbos then became a calendar, the protagonists of the show Protagonists, gadgets, and screensavers.
Remake of the Rai ''Interval'' theme with a cappella voices, Prelude.