About us



Nowadays a brand has infinite possibilities to penetrate into a constantly moving reality, only if it moves along with it.


The Snatch is an image strategy agency founded in 2000 by Elena Andreoli and Alberto Traverso.

Based in Milan, it's a design agency, brand identity and positioning, which also deals with production and post-production.

Since 2000 we have represented over 300 top brands in various areas - telecommunications, publishing, fashion, beauty, health, retail, live entertainment.

Our deep knowledge of the Italian market has grown in many years of broadcasting and, in particular, in the construction of TV brands through the design, identity, launch and  promotion of over 40 channels. Generalist and thematic. Broadcasted on satellite, digital terrestrial, web and mobileTv. For public service and of commercial nature, in Italy and abroad.

Our know-how in broadcasting makes us unique nowadays, because we approach each customer as if it were a media itself, where the content we create - whether it is static design, video shooting, motion design or sound design - are part of the same strategy that enables our customers to communicate with different targets using different languages.

This is our job today. Turn every brand in a brand in motion.

And that's amazing.