A love story


St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor, Uganda

Building tomorrow


The Foundation was created 60 years ago by physicians Piero Corti e Lucille Teasdale, who through 40 years of work managed and developed the hospital, transforming it from a small missionary hospital into the largest not-for-profit hospital in equatorial Africa.

After 60 years guiding the work is Piero and Lucille’s daughter, Dominique, who continues to make possible the objective to which her parents dedicated their entire lives: giving the people of Uganda a universally accessible hospital and the ability to build their own tomorrow.
To support fundraising we created "Little Coin" a character which explains in cartoon what happend to every euro that has been donate to Fondazione Corti: the virtuous system is able to triplify its value, and also to employ more than 600 doctors and nurses, and to train the professionals of tomorrow, effectively maintaining the entire region.

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